MUF&D strives to build personal and professional confidence within our members through active engagement in each of our committees.



The Design Committee gives members the opportunity to create their own fashion line to showcase at MUF&D’s Annual Fashion Show, the largest student-run fashion show in the nation. Members interested in designing must try-out by designing a garment for Design Director’s review. From there, chosen designers will go through the entire design process including creating mood boards, designing sketches, sewing garments, making alterations, and seeing a piece walked down the runway. Designers get the opportunity to present their collection to fashion design professors and experts for critique before their final pieces are turned in. The committee is also open to members wishing to learn more about the design process and hone in on their sewing skills through workshops held by the Design Directors and Fashion Professors.



PR / Marketing

The PR/Marketing Committee provides members with real-world experience in various facets of public relations and marketing. Members work hands-on with the PR/Marketing Directors to create full funnel marketing plans for each MUF&D event and help maintain our social media channels. Members can expect to gain exposure on how to curate an Instagram feed, run a social media ad campaign, brainstorm marketing flyers and print collateral designs, write press releases for TV, and more. Leadership opportunities within the committee are available through three subcommittees -- social media, merchandising, and photography.

Event Planning

The Event Planning Committee gives members the opportunity to greatly influence every MUF&D event. Committee members work closely with the Event Planning Directors to brainstorm details for every event such as themes, venues, decorations, food, floral arrangements, and more. This committee works cross-functionally with every other committee to help budget, plan, and execute each event. The committee is also responsible for creating new events every year, allowing its members to brainstorm, ideate, and communicate their ideas to the organization. As a member, you gain hands on strategy and visionary experience, allowing you to gain a unique skill set for bringing ideas to life.  MUF&D hosts over 20+ events each year including our Annual Fashion Show, which is the largest student-run fashion show in the nation.



The Modeling Committee believes in the cultivation of confident, healthy, & empowered individuals who are equally beautiful on the inside and outside. The committee provides members insight on how to pursue a career or hobby in the modeling industry through valuable experiences such as countless opportunities for photoshoots, portfolio workshops, mock castings, and experience walking down the runway. The beauty portion of the committee specifically dives into various lessons in beauty and gives members an opportunity to practice their makeup artistry at various MUF&D events. The ICON Class, which consists of the models who walk in MUF&D’s 13th Annual Fashion Show, have also been integrated into this committee to provide each member with a more immersive modeling experience.



The Graphic Design Committee is responsible for designing every graphic material that brings the branding to life. Members will work hands-on with the Graphic Design Director to brainstorm and execute ways to elevate MUF&D’s brand. The team will collaborate on ideas for t-shirt, poster, and flyer designs, as well as graphic design needs for our Annual Fashion Show. During the ideation process they will create sketches, mood boards, and work in Adobe programs including Photoshop and Illustrator. This committee provides real world design experience that includes working to meet deadlines. 



The Business Development Committee is responsible for MUF&D’s operations and strategy. Members work closely with the Strategic Partnerships and Finance Directors to create mutually beneficial relationships with industry leaders while getting a hands-on look into the business side of the fashion industry. The committee oversees the financial and professional implications of every MUF&D event by participating in case projects, pitching to potential sponsors, and assisting with the overarching budget of the organization. In the past, the committee has worked with MUF&D sponsors such as The Aveda Institute, Adidas, Cintas, Clinique, Red Bull, and Level 27.