Friends of Fashion

On November 3rd, 2018, MUF&D hosted its annual Friends of Fashion event. For the first time, the event featured out-of-state panelists within the fashion industry. There were over one hundred attendees, including students, faculty, and panelists, and each attendee received a three-course luncheon followed by a discussion from the panel. MUF&D members had the opportunity to learn how the panelists’ have worked their way to their current roles, and they also received advice on what they can do now, as students, to help prepare for their future careers. The panel consisted of Grace Brooks - Merchant at Madewell, Amelia Ryan - Director of Merchandising at Victoria’s Secret, Taylor Kastenbaum - Global Marketing Coordinator at Calvin Klein, and Maggie Durrin - Assistant Merchant at Ann Taylor.

Riddhi Chopra